About PVNeighbor

Hi, I'm Mike.

My wife and I moved to Paradise Valley in 2020 and we have lived here in the Valley for over 25 years. I decided I wanted to start a small business that would also allow me to help my community and neighbors. 

I founded PVNeighbor with the idea of offering my neighbors a service that would allow them to have someone they get to know and trust that also lives in their community, stop by once a day, grab the mail and just makes sure everything is OK while they are out of town. 

Many people in our community have several houses throughout the world they travel between or at least they like to get out of town for a while during the year. PVNeighbor will give you the peace of mind and visual proof that your home is being looked after in your absence. We all have such wonderful houses with large yards, which also means a lot can go wrong while we are away. Let me ease your mind when you travel knowing your home is being looked after!  House sitting exclusively for the special needs of the 85253 zip code.